As life happens singer/song writer Gord Phillips writes. Gord began life in the small Ontario town of Sarnia. After hitch hiking across the country,it is not surprising that the majestic beauty of Vancouver Island’s West Coast has influenced and inspired Gord’s music and poetry. Artists such as Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Neil Young and Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip, Johnny Cash, Elvis Costello have also affected Gord’s unique and passionate style.Music is a spiritual journey for Gord. As far back as he can remember music has been part of his everyday life. In times of joy and pain, writing is a constant. With a wide variety of musical interests, Gord’s style of music is best described as folk rock. An eclectic song writer, Gords songs range from rootsy rhythms combined with storyteller lyrics to up beat blues rock with a rockabilly tone. Gords diversity, energy, and passion for music give him the ability to effectively captivate audiences in a variety of settings and has enabled him to evolve with the ever changing entertainment industry.

A fan best described his live show by saying ” you and your band kicked ass last night! Your like a mad preacher calling down the gods of rock – love you” Jackie
His energy on stage is true passion for music and what it brings to all of us.
The first single “The Northlands Own” has been entered in the 2016 CBC Searchlight Contest starting on March 29th 2016.

A few of the projects I have been working on recently include writing a song for the school board I work for when I m not playing music and I’m paying the bills. It’s called the Restitution Song. It’s takes the ideas of the Restituion book written by Diane Gossen and puts them to music. Helping children work out their needs and recognize others needs as well. Solving problems on their own. The song has been picked up by many schools in School District 62. With overwhelming positive reaction.
This next quote is why he loves composing and performing music.

“We’ve enjoyed singing the Restitution song, and most of all, it’s been great to use music to really get the message behind restitution to resonate with the kids. So many have told me in the past couple of weeks that they now understand what restitution is about, whereas before, it was just a word they had heard people at school use, but they didn’t fully understand.
That’s the power of music!!”
Sandi Arts, music teacher. Poirier Elementary school.
Since this song was released I have written many kids songs with my youngest daughter. Usually on a Saturday or Sunday morning inspired by the world of possibilities in a childs eyes. Her voice is on the recording of Restitution Song.
Take a listen
Entering the CBC searchlight contest 2015 Was a wild ride. The Sooke Hiway song made it to one of top ten regional finalists.
Found out right away how much the community of Sooke out here on the west coast of Vancouver island can come together and support local musicians.
Thank you Sooke community and my home town of Sarnia and everywhere in between that voted.We will try again next year.
Here is an article written when we were in the running for the contest. Thanks Octavian. He is a great journalist and we are lucky to have him in our community.
CBC searchlight top ten regional finalist 2015
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Feb 3 @ Sooke Elementary Play for Leftenant Governor with Students

Feb 11th @ HillTop House Conerts, Sooke.BC

Feb 17th @ Sooke Mountain Cycle

March 30th @ The Loft, Victoria BC

April 8th @ Chars Landing, Port Alberi

April 10th @ John Muir School, Sooke BC

April 13th @ Royal Bay School, Colwood. BC – Singing Oh Canada for CUPE Pro D Day

April 22 @ Duncan Garage

May 6th @ Sooke Market, Sooke, BC

May @ Savory School

May @ Hans Helgesen School

June 7th @ Kinsmen Fieldhouse Summer Market, Colwood

June 10th @ Sooke Market

June 10th @ Private party

June 17th @ Seaparc, Sooke.BC

June 30th @ Roys TownPub, Comox. BC

July 8th Private party

Aug 5th @ Duncan 39 Days of July

Aug  12th @ Sooke Music Fest